Gold Plated Copper

Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug

Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug

Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug

Conductor Material: Silver-Plated OCC Pure Copper (99.9999998%). Flat Cable Width: 43.5 mm. Flat Cable Thickness: 2.5 mm.

0.7 mm 18 Cores / 8 AWG. Connector: 24 K Gold Plated Y Spade Male Plug. Is correct before you pay. That the courier can reach you when delivering the goods.

For package less than 2KG, we use SpeedPAK Standard. 25 days to most countries. And for package over than 2KG we.

If the product does not meet the advertising description, you can return it for free and. We mainly focus on Hi End audio wires. E are always be here for you.

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Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "2x Audio Knob 25x15.5mm Machined Aluminum Amplifier Potentiometer Volume Control";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 15.19";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "50PCS Brass DIY Tube Gold Plated Guitar Amplifier Tag Board Turret Post Pin Lugs";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 20.89";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "TRANSFOMER COVER Metal Iron Vintage Audio Amplifier Tranformer Enclosure Case ยท";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 28.5";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Record Cleaning Brush Cleaner Audio Stylus Dust Remover";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 9.49";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "0.5m Viborg Audio VP1008 OFC Copper Conductor 5.5SQMM Power Bulk Cable for DIY";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 19.0";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "4PCS Rhodium plated 45 Degree Banana Plug Connector Double Screw For Speaker";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 38.0";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "4PCS DC 5.52.5mm Female Socket Gold Plated 30V 10A Jack Connector Power Adapter";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 9.5";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "1Piece TRANSFOMRER COVER 65x65x80mm Iron Troide Chassis for AUDIO Amplifier DIY";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "1m DIY 7N OCC+ Silver Plated Mixed Weaving Wire HIFI Audio Amplifier Bulk Cable";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 15.2";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair Carbon fiber Gold Plated US AC Male Plug HIFI Female connector DIY cable";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 31.34";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Anti-Static LP Vinyl Record Cleaning Brushes Audio Wooden Dust Remover Cleaner";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 11.4";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 23.75";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Paar Kohlefaser Vergoldet Netzstecker EU Schuko Stecker IEC 320 C13 C15 DIY";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "EUR 32.0";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair HI-End Carbon Fiber Rhodium Plated US Power Plug IEC 320 Cable Connector";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 14.25";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair Carbon Fiber Rhodium Plated Power Plug AU Male Female Connector HIFI DIY";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Carbon Fiber Rhodiniert EU Schuko Netzstecker IEC DIY HIFI Audio Kabel Stecker ";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "EUR 15.0";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair Carbon Fiber Rhodium Plated US Mains Power Plug IEC Connector DIY Cable";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "HI-End Carbon Fiber Rhodium Plated US Power Plug HIFI IEC 320 Audio Connectors";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "12.8MM Aluminum Alloy Tonearm Arm Lifter Turntable Disc Vinyls Record Raiser";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 27.35";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "NEW Automatic Tonearm Arm Lifter Tonearm Safety Raiser For LP Turntable DiscTE";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 34.2";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Audio Tonearm Arm Lifter Safety Raiser for LP Vinyl Turntable Disc Record Player";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 46.54";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Cartridge Headshell HIFI Turntable Phonograph Player Replacement Aluminium Alloy";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 17.95";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "4PCS Spade Y Plug HIFI Gold Plated Speaker Cable Audio Cable Fork Connector";}.

Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 15.76";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "1x US AC Power Supply Bar Distributor Aluminum Alloy 6 Outlet Box Hifi Chassis";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 99.75";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair HiFi Speaker Cables Audio OCC silver plated Banana Y Spade Gold Plated Plug";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "EU Schuko Power Supply Distributor 6 Outlet Aluminum BOX HIFI Strip Bar Chassis";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 313.5";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair HiFi XLR Cable 5N OCC Silver Plated Cable Male Female Plug Balance Wires";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair OCC Silver Plated XLR Cable HIFI Audio Rhodium Plated Carbon Fiber Plug";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 31.92";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "4PCS HiFi RCA Male Plug Gold Plated Adapters Audio Speaker Cable Connectors";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "5PCS Audio Black Pants boot Y Splitter RCA Speaker Cable alluminium 11 to 27mm";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "GBP 10.0";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Speaker Wall Plate Binding Post Coupler Aluminium Audio Banana Connectors Board";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Metal Tonearm Phono Seat Dedicated Part SME Conversion Arm Plate Inner Hole Part";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "GBP 24.99";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "1PC HIFI Audio OFC Copper? XLR Cable Male to Female Balanced Wire for Microphone";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 12.06";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "8PCS RCA Plug Female Socket PCB PANEL MOUNT Soldering Metal Adapter Connectors";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 21.37";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Pair Hifi Audio 3Pin XLR Cable 7N OCC Copper Silver Plated Signal Balanced Cord";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 26.93";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "4x HIFI Speaker Jumper Cable Silver Plated OCC Y Spade banana Audio Bridge Cord";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 18.05";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "4PCS HiFi Audio Rosewood Speaker Cable Stand support Foot Booster Wire Holder";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 21.84";}.

Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "HIFI OFC copper 2cores Subwoofer Speaker Cable for REL Speakon 4mm Terminal Home";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 24.69";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "Splitter Stereo Audio Cable 2Male to 4Female Y Adapter 24k Gold Plated RCA Plugs";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 24.7";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after {color: ; content: "16cores OCC Silver Plated 4Pin XLR Female To 4 Banana HiFi Audio Speaker Cable";}. Dxm-rm-body-price:after {content: "USD 28.49";}. Dxm-rm-body-title:after color: ; content: 1ft Audio Splitter Cable 6.35mm 1/4\\.
Pair Silver Plated 8N OCC Copper Flat Ribbon Speaker Cable Y Spade Male Plug